Miscommunication: A Simple Explanation, a Not-So-Simple Solution

The patient came in to the clinic with a very definite purpose in mind about what he needed done. He had hearing loss and needed the wax cleaned out of both ears as he knew he had wax buildup. Because this patient has suffered from this before, he knew there was only one way to…
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Advocates: Guiding the way in the Medical Industry

Whether you want to be your own advocate, hire an advocate or become a professional advocate for others, one thing is certain – you can never be too careful when it comes to your healthcare. We’ve all seen the books for better health, fitness, diet and exercise but this is not that. This is different. …
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Learning how to be “A+ Patients”

The doctor said, “What?!”, Who knows?  I waited 2 hours and saw my doctor for ten minutes… We have all been victims of the medical system but that can change. Students are given a syllabus, a “rules of the course” before they start a class.  Patients can be trained to be excellent scholars of medical…
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