Caregivers Rank #1 for TOP jobs in 2022!

Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA / August 3, 2022

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According to*, caregivers rank as the #1 top job in 2022. Hands down over all other jobs in America today!

How is this possible, you ask? Why is caring for a senior a top job?

Well, USNews & World Report listed all 100 best top jobs in 2022 for America and then broke them down by Industry. So, let’s take a peek! 👀

A caregiver’s 1st top job: Engineering, Building, and Repairing!

Engineering (3) – All caregivers have been known to engineer a way to get compression hose on and off, stuff pillows under the legs, stop seniors from falling, and lift a senior without breaking a sweat. Duct tape? A caregiver’s best friend. This is no small feat and we think it definitely qualifies as one of the top jobs in 2022.

Creative And Media (3) -All caregivers are quite creative. See #1. Caregivers are known for their way with words, their way with posture, and the ability to smile in front of family crowds, and friends. They are masters at cutting facial hair, shampooing, and making someone look absolutely gorgeous before they go out for a family photo! They always seem to pick the right clothes, and the right colors and manage to hide any embarrassments.

Construction (3) – Caregivers have been known to barricade doors, chairs, jimmy a lock or two, and redo bathrooms, stairs, ramps, and dog cages so no one trips or falls. They are masters at keeping an eye on young children and aging parents all at the same time. Nothing slips by this manager. Oh, and yes, they manage to keep everyone happy and smiling.

Maintenance And Repair (2) – All caregivers have been known to maintain their bodies, their health, repair their homes, their cars, their furniture, and last but not least their relationships. Oh wait, they have also been known to repair their finances.

A caregiver’s 2nd top job. BUSINESS!

Business (15) – All caregivers and post caregivers have been known to wrestle with attorneys and the estates, cut medical bills in half, shop for the cheapest diapers, and medical equipment. They pull out all stops when it comes to the safety of those in their care and can do it on a budget.

Sales And Marketing (3) – All caregivers have been known to cajole, convince, and corner a senior or two into doing something they must do or have, including home health, medications, eating, pooping, and socializing. If anyone can sell, it’s the caregiver!  Where would we be without them to get seniors out and about? A definite top job in 2022.

Technology (10) – Another on of the top jobs in 2022! Caregivers are the best when it comes to new technology! They can maneuver the computers to work, hold cell phones upside down for hours on someone’s ear, and lift the heaviest wheelchairs, mattresses, walkers, wedges, pillows, and blankets. They have learned how to use monitors, bracelets, lifelines, and get the smallest battery into a hearing aid (which will roll to the farthest corner if dropped).

Social Services (17) – Caregivers are ranked at the top in this industry! They can find social services 95% of the country does not know about! They will keep going until they get the help they need. The paperwork does not jar them for they are on a mission. They are also experts at providing company, entertainment, travel, and sizing up events for their seniors.

A caregiver’s 3rd top job! HEALTHCARE!

Healthcare (24) – All caregivers have been known to learn a zillion medications, and their side effects including disease patterns and prognosis while managing the next home health crisis. Yes, they can pass any pharmaceutical exam! All caregivers are doctors and nurses in disguise.  They do this with love so this definitely qualifies as one of the top jobs in 2022.

Healthcare Support (15) – All caregivers have been known to support those who can no longer take care of a loved one, help family members, and spend countless hours in the bathroom helping with hygiene, in the kitchen cooking and feeding, taking them to doctor appointments.

Education (2) – All caregivers have been known to educate themselves on the diseases, aging processes, and caregiving techniques and tips. They have even learned that when they or their senior drops something, it always rolls to the farthest corner (including hearing aid batteries).

Science (3) – All caregivers have been known to understand the science behind aging, relationships, exhaustion, and burnout.

How will the top jobs in 2022 rank in salary?

The salaries range from 0 to $250,000 a year but the caregiver usually does this for free.

Thank you, caregivers – today we celebrate YOU!…/rankings/the-100-best-jobs

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