Is COVID still a real threat? Look at these stats!


I know I keep harping on this COVID thing but just because you don’t see it in the news, it doesn’t mean it disappears.

Covid is a real threat and this report shows the hospitalizations.  Who wants to go into the hospital anyway?  What can we do?

Recently, President Biden has COVID and takes PAXLOVID

So this past week we all learned about our President.  Two weeks ago I told you WHY doctors prescribe PAXLOVID.  So we can see that doctors did not want President Biden to go into the hospital so they prescribed PAXLOVID.

But Suzanne, no one goes into the hospital anymore. Yes, COVID is still a real threat. 

Oh no?  Look at the STATISTICS in the picture above this email. You can find this on the CDC’s website at

Now, look at the RED line.
Why did our seniors peak at these times?

April – Spring Holiday Break
January 2021- after the holidays
September – summer reunions and Labor Day
January 2022 – after the holidays

What I’m saying is that we are right up there again (July 2022). It’s people-to-people contact.

Now let’s look at the valleys ( the lowest points)

Notice that after January 9, 2021, we took a deep dive in hospitalizations.
This continued until we saw an uptake around April 2021 – Easter!
Then it continued to dive to almost zero in July 2021.

So what happened between January 2021 to July 2021?

That’s right!! Lockdowns.
And then after July 2021?
States started opening up again (aka: people to people contact)

Here’s what you can do…

Knowing you don’t want your loved one in the hospital and knowing that there are still new variants of COVID popping up, what can you do to keep your loved one safe?

Should family reunions and holidays be avoided?
Should visitors take extra precautions?
Is contact from people to people the real culprit?

We know vaccines do not STOP the spread of the virus.
We know people are contagious and spread the virus up to 3 weeks BEFORE they actually see symptoms and can still be contagious once diagnosed positive.
The only thing vaccines do is decrease the symptoms.

I will never understand why people ask if I’ve been vaccinated.
It’s like asking me, “Will you have fewer symptoms if you get COVID?”  
I CAN understand why employers want their workers vaccinated – so they will have fewer symptoms and be able to return to work sooner but what’s that got to do with stopping the spread? Nothing.

P.S. Here’s the updated FREE COVID SAFETY CHECKLIST.  It really hasn’t changed much since I first developed it in 2020 but still, the important thing to remember is “No one wants COVID”. Ugh!

P.P.S.  Ok, so this question about “Have you been vaccinated”   reminds me of a question I’ve heard over and over again and it makes me smile every time.  Here’s the question – “Oh, are they a boy and a girl?” when told the twins are identical.  Pssst: Identical twins mean they are ALWAYS the same sex so no need to ask that question!

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