About Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, MS, MLS

Advocate - Speaker - Blogger - Coach - Author

Suzanne is a retired Physician Assistant, who now devotes all her time to teaching patients how to advocate for themselves.

She grew up in a home watching her father practice old-fashioned medicine; making house calls and knowing all his patients by name. Suzanne spent 30 years in education as a secondary science teacher and college professor.

At age 50, she returned to school to pursue a master's degree in Physician Assistant Studies.  After years in Internal Medicine and Emergency Medicine, she re-entered the education arena to write courses on healthcare education and patient-physician care.

Why She Helps Patients Like You

Frustrated by the lack of transparency and communication between patients and their physicians, Suzanne founded Patient Best®, LLC, a professional advocate service that blogs on how you can advocate for yourself in a system that puts profits over patients.

Because her passion also encompasses the frustration felt by many physicians and their patients, she has become a national voice to bring medicine back to the personal care level, healing fragmented healthcare, one patient at a time.

Healthcare mistakes are the #3 cause of death in America today. Physicians are told to see a patient every 6 minutes. Because of this, there is little communication and medical mistakes are rampant.

The best doctors are burning out. Medical bills are wrong 100% of the time. Medical Charts are 100% wrong. Insurance premiums are skyrocketing. Patients are left frustrated.

It's got to stop. We deserve better. You can learn to advocate for yourself and get the well-deserved care you need.

Suzanne provides resources, secrets, tips, and experts who know how to get the best care, the right care for every single patient who wants it.

All products she promotes have been vetted to the highest degree which thousands of feedback and reviews from actual users.

She is the author of The Patient Best® Medical History Book. 

She authored 2 Amazon books, Overcoming the Chronic Pain of Healthcare, and The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide

Her advocacy course, Your Best Healthcare is the #1 best seller in Diabetic Must-Know Advocate for Yourself training. 

She blogs daily on her PatientBest.com website. She is the owner of Patient Best®, LLC and a founding Board Member of the Patient Education Movement, Inc, a non-profit organization to help patients gain access to only the best care. 

If anyone is a true crusader for Healthcare Consumer Protection, it's Suzanne.


"After all, patients just want to be seen, heard, and understood."

Many diabetics feel pulled in different directions as they try to satisfy the needs of their parents, their own families, their jobs, and lastly, themselves. I once heard an excellent definition of diabetes… "It's an ever-changing journey with new problems that require lasting solutions."


Over the years, I have become a national speaker on Patient Rights. As I continue to speak, I ask my audiences what their diabetes roadmap looks like.

The silence is deafening.

So my hope with Patient Best® is to reach out to as many diabetics as I can and give them the "behind-the-scenes" medical questions, resources, and supplies you must have to take with you as your experience unfolds.

Hundreds of diabetics have come together to share their experiences and knowledge. My short 10-minute courses are made for the busy diabetic who does not have time to sit in front of a computer all day. These are the very things I taught my patients in our exam rooms.  You need to know what I learned through hundreds of doctors and thousands of patients just like yourself.

My Family

When I am not busy writing , speaking and seeing patients, you can find me boating, fishing, walking the beach or spending time with my three children. 

I now live in sunny Ft Myers, FL.  I moved here after raising my family in Lexington, KY.

I can be contacted at Suzanne@PatientBest.com.

Suzanne and her children Sarah, David and Jonathan.

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