About Suzanne

Suzanne grew up in a small community in upstate New York. Her dad was a doctor who had an office in the front of their home. Suzanne would go on house calls with him when she was 5 years old.


Suzanne and her children Sarah, David and Jonathan.

At 11 years old, she worked in his office beside him where he spent time with his patients. She received her bachelor’s degree from Hartwick College, Oneonta NY in Biology and Education. She then received her master’s degree from NC State in Raleigh before starting a teaching career in high school and community college where she taught a broad curricula of science courses.

One day, at 50 years old, Suzanne was challenged by her high school students to go back and get her medical degree (MD) since she had decided against it when she was 21. So, she accepted the challenge and decided to get her Physician Assistant degree instead and has been practicing since. She has practiced Emergency, Family Practice, Internal, and Urgent Care specialties.

Seeing the severe damage big business healthcare has carved into modern medicine versus the way her father used to practice, she decided to start educating patients on safe and effective medicine.

Her passion is not about the healthcare system but about how each patient can take responsibility for their medical care and what they need from their doctor.

Gaining insight, suggestions and stories has led companies and organizations on how to save money, get better outcomes, and keep thousands of dollars in the pockets of patients and employers while lowering insurance premiums.

Suzanne is owner of Patient Best®, LLC, www.PatientBest.com, a company offering online courses and products for the consumer who wants better medical care. She is also co-founder of the non-profit company, Patient Education Movement, Inc which does educational seminars and workshops nationally for employers, private doctors, and patients who want better outcomes and lower premiums.

To have Suzanne speak at one of your events or set up a workshop to train employees or your patients, please contact her at Suzanne@PatientBest.com.