Are there any doctors left who care about me anymore?


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Southwest Florida is not known for its healthcare. Are there any doctors left who care?

I mean, you don’t see people running down here to get their medical treatments but they do run down for the sun, beaches, cocktails, and outdoor living.

Still, when you do need a great doctor…well, let’s talk.

For 7 years I’ve been looking for an excellent dermatologist.

I had settled on the third one I tried, but the last time I was in, she absolutely horrified me.

She came at me with a #11 scalpel to cut something off my body without my permission…

…and I threw my hands and saying “Stop! Stop! You’re scaring me.”
and she rudely threw the scalpel and syringe in the ‘Sharps’ container and said to her scribe, “Go ahead, make a note in the chart that the patient refuses treatment.”

I left never to return again…

then…a patient of mine came in and told me about this wonderful dermatologist so I took a chance on her suggestion and went in for my annual body scan…(again)

This PA did not spend 5 minutes with me…

…She spent 30 minutes explaining everything!! Here’s a doctor who cares!

She looked at the lesion on my chest and said “We do not have to biopsy this. We’re just going to do a little shave and that’s it and she told me what to look for in my own patients and where the best places were to always look.

What an educator!…

…but more importantly, she was a true advocate for me, the patient.


So let’s grade me on how I am doing….and what about you? and your loved ones? 

Being in SW Florida for 7 years now…

1) I have my primary care physician… I do look forward to seeing him once a year. I found him after going through 2 other primary care doctors.

2) I have my eye doctor who I absolutely adore and look forward to seeing him once a year. He is a lot of fun to talk to. I went through one other eye doctor and fired him. He was all about the money.

3) I have my gynecologist which all women need regardless of their age because we do need a professional peek down there once a year to look for lesions or cancer. And he is not only very caring but, he’s an excellent surgeon if I ever need gynecology surgery. He was my fourth GYN doctor.  I did not trust the others. They didn’t listen.

4) I love my orthopedic surgeon. Not that I need surgery but he is the best in my area. He has no infections or screw-ups in any of his surgeries. He does all the athletes and is a very detailed surgeon. I don’t need him now but if my joints go out, I want him. So I became an established patient of his.

5) I’m still working on a new dentist. I love the dental hygienist but the dentist is too rough so I’ll keep looking…

6) My hearing is good. I go to Costco once a year for a hearing check-up. They are convenient and don’t work off commission, trying to sell me the most expensive hearing aids. A lot of audiologists won’t like me for saying that but I just think you ought to explore all options. If I do need hearing aids someday, I will check around at least 3 places. And I already have 2 audiologists I totally respect. So I’m good!!

So, what do you think?   Maybe A-?

Several of our  Patient Best Medical History Book owners are A+++.  They love ALL their doctors.  But alas, I’m getting there.

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refuses to go to the doctor



P.S. So remember, if you are not excited about seeing your doctor, then you HAVE THE WRONG DOCTOR…keep looking…or…

settle for less? And when it comes to your loved ones? Do they want to go to the doctor?

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