5 Ways to Simplify Your Life

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Caregivers are actually really good at hectic and don’t do well at “simply your life”.

We do it well, and we do it often. And if I’m being candid, I’d say that most of the time we’re happiest and most comfortable–and possibly even at our best–when surrounded by a little bit of chaos. We like being busy, and most of the time, we just don’t know what “sit still” looks like.

Do You Choose Chaos?

The only problem is…WE want to choose the chaos and not have our loved ones choose it for us.

Yes, we thrive on something to do or that list that would overwhelm focus. Oftentimes, our members come to us when controlled chaos to complete craziness.

They start dropping balls and feeling overwhelmed. They start waking up in the middle of the night and can’t get back to sleep again and feel like I’ll never get caught up.

And honestly, that’s always when we know we need to slow our minds down and start simplifying.

But luckily, we’ve all been there before, and we know we’ll be there again, and we also know exactly what steps we need to take when life starts to feel like it’s spinning out of control.

So here’s what we tell our members:

5 Ways to Regain Control


  1. What is bothering you the most right now? Always start with the solution in mind. You cannot concentrate on the problem but look for all the multiple solutions and only focus on them.  The rest will fall into place.
  1. Start saying no. Learning to say NO can be ever so hard.  Start by learning to say “Let me think about it.” This buys you time to get your wits together.  As caregivers, we often want to please others, but this comes at a cost.
  1. Prepare your day the night before. Most of our members read our articles or listen to our experts in the evenings. Plan tomorrow before you go to bed.  Put “my time” in first.  We know that as caregivers, once your senior wakes for the day, you hit the road running.
  1. Don’t let distractions grab you into the deep black hole. Cancel your cable and delete social media from your phone. Yes, I’m serious! The reality is that most of us lose a LOT of time every day watching TV, not to mention all that time spent scrolling through social media! And when we’re not really keeping track, that 15 minutes here and 30 minutes there adds up to a lot of time that could be better spent elsewhere.
  1. Get a better handle on your finances. The truth is that money affects everything else we do in life, which means that if your finances are not where you want them, it wears you down.

Simplify your life by “What’s Most Important”.

In the end, simplifying is a choice that can only start by getting clear about what you want, and what’s most important.

Because the truth is that for most of us there will always be more to do than we actually have time to do. We are always choosing. These five steps will help you make sure that you’re choosing well.

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