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3-Day challenge

The goal of every diabetic is to keep their blood sugar in the normal range, 70-120.

Going out with friends, you don’t want to worry about what you can eat or drink.  You want to laugh and enjoy their company.

But with busy schedules, it can be hard to build meal plans and snacks that you can stick to so you can keep your blood sugar levels in check.

Oftentimes, it just comes down to shifting strategies. So your days don’t keep falling away from your best-made plans.

Maybe you’ve been staying off the carbs and wondering if this is really the key.


It can make you feel hopeless.

Today, you’re in luck! I’m going to share a dynamite process that will help you check your sugars, stay in range, and feel like you’re succeeding without feeling like a failure.

I’ll cover this simple process, how it works, and how you can get started.

Keep reading for more details.


What Is the 3-day Challenge?

It aims to give you quick choices on the run, keep your sugars within range, and ultimately arrive at your next doctor’s appointment with your A1c showing your best results.

This works no matter where you are, how busy your schedule is, and any time of the day.

The 3-day Challenge is for the diabetic who keeps grabbing the quick and fat foods, is tempted by the vending machine, is overcome by the sweets in the checkout aisle, or wants a pick-me-up “energy” bar.

The promise that you can have a snack and keep your sugars within the normal range is real.  Millions do it every day no matter how long or how bad their sugars once were.


Download now: The 3-Day Challenge: Foods Only You Can Eat 


Why Is Normal Blood Sugar Checking So Important?

According to the CDC, Statistics show that about 50% of diabetics actually reach a goal of keeping their sugar in range. This may seem discouraging at first but in truth, 80% of all type 2 diabetics can reverse their disease. What is alarming is the question, “Why are there so many people becoming diabetic?”

With this rampant chronic disease, you can see that most people are attacked by ads, grocery store displays, fast foods, and snack bars.

By implementing the 3-day challenge, you’ll be able to fight the constant battle of abusive advertising. This way, you will keep that blood sugar level in check. Also, the 3-day challenge gives you the ability to feel better and have more energy, and your focus will be off the charts!

That means you won’t have to eat that “energy bar” with hidden sugars and then feel guilty and defeated.


The 3-Day Challenge Examples


If the 3-day challenge sounds overwhelming, I get it.

For 3 days you eat one item at a time and record what your blood sugar level does.  This may sound daunting at first, but many of my patients said it was quite fun to see what their sugars did.

I put together the examples below to break it down for you so you can easily get started with the 3-day challenge.

Example #1. You’re rushing out the door to work without your lunch

This is one of the most common reasons diabetics fail at getting their blood sugars into the normal range.

Lunch is going to happen. Picture the world outside your work as the enemy. You step out of your office to “grab a bite” and every sugar-filled counter, aisle, and food truck is waiting like a Cheshire cat to sell you something healthy. Although this may seem old-fashioned to take your lunch to work, it’s actually the most effective and cost-saving way to get your health back. Plus, you won’t feel guilty about it afterward.

Look at it this way, if our grocery stores and food industry was good for us, why are these statistic off the charts?  Is diabetes a disease of driving cars?  No, it’s a disease of sugar. Period.  Sugar is everywhere in our foods and hidden within our foods with over 50 different names. That means that by grabbing a food item you know is not going to raise your sugar level, you can confidently keep your promise to yourself.

Example #2. You’re out to dinner with friends.

The more you can stick to simple foods, the easier it will be to stay on target. That’s where dining out comes in. You know the food items on the menu are full of salt and sugar.

Let’s say your dining out experience is in the evening.  This is when our most willpower has left us.  We are vulnerable to anything good-looking items on a menu.  How do you prepare for something like this?

The best way to implement this is to stick with appetizers. No one wants to pay good money for the food that they could easily make at home. Appetizers are usually half-priced at certain happy hour times.

Grab something that looks like one item. Not something like a dip full of sugar but one item, like a shrimp cocktail, or fruit dish or vegetable dish. You would be shocked how this will fill you up.  Add lemon to your water so you get better digestion and soluble fiber.

Example #3. Your willpower is quickly disappearing.

There are many reasons why we fall short of our goals to lose weight or get our sugars into normal blood sugar levels. Simply put, we want those foods we are used to.

All the reasons quick and easy foods, pick-me-up foods, and convenient foods make it difficult not to reach for sugar-overloaded foods.  Not to mention, all the foods in the grocery stores now come in bags and boxes so we can just grab and go.

Think of sugar like you would an addiction.  I know many of my patients balked at this concept at first but then realized that sugar is just a staple.  When they decided to take back their power over this staple, they pushed through their temptation.

Some of my patients even counted the days they stay away from processed foods, sugar, and those inner aisles at the grocery store. I gave them a daily journal to record the number of days they lived without sugar. Of course, natural sugars were fine. We were talking about the processed and hidden sugars in so many foods.

Tips for Normal Blood Sugar Level Success


Here are a few tips to help you maximize your results with the 3-day challenge:

First, look at the foods you are currently eating.  Take one food item at a time.

To achieve the best 3-day challenge results, you have to continually eat only ONE food item.  Do not eat a pizza slice. That has too many ingredients.  Eat nuts, an orange, a food bar, a donut, or a bowl of ice cream. All these are one food item.

When you eat one item only, you effectively learn if your sugars go up and how much.

This is important in determining if this one food item can go to the restaurant with you, to work with you, or to your kid’s games with you.  These food items you identify will carry you through the day when you want something to eat.

For example:

Alicia needed a food item that not only gave her energy but tasted good.  In her 3-day challenge, she found that this one particular Dunkin Donuts snack never raise her blood sugar level, so she made sure she had one or two on hand.

For better results, make sure you always have these food items on hand. This way, you’ll be able to grab and go with the right food items.

Next, shop around.

When you start trying different food items (see my 3-day challenge for how to do this) you will be shocked at what you can have. Not all sugar is bad as you can see from the sugars we have in citrus.  So some sugars are better than others. Only you can determine what is best for you.  There is no one plan for all.

In other words, you will have a complete list of great foods to eat on the go with any busy schedule.

To get started:

  • Pick from hundreds of food items that you normally eat anyway
  • Avoid guilt because you are just doing your testing now
  • Remember, a recipe is most likely 2 or more ingredients.  What you’re tasting is an item you cannot break apart like an energy bar or ice cream.  Chichen soup or peas and fruit bowl with different fruits would not work since you can’t separate out the items. (I tell you more in the 3-Day Challenge Guide)


Finally, congratulate yourself! Nowadays, people prefer a quick and easy medication because they want to just get on with life. If you want to truly reverse your diabetes, you can’t overlook this crucial step. This is important because medications have side effects and medications cannot change your healthy lifestyle.  Only you can.

And if the idea of giving up your sugar-compounded foods makes you feel anxious, consider this:

That 50% of diabetics who now keep their blood sugar levels in normal range feel better.  Period. They know that tiredness and depression are a thing of the past. They feel like a new person. Don’t you want to feel like that again?

That means if you don’t figure out which foods you can and cannot eat, you’re struggling to get your blood sugar levels into the normal range and will fail.

One thing you can do is start the 3-Day challenge this weekend. Grab my free here.

Start thinking about the foods you love today. Make a list of all the foods you want to test.

I know you’ll find this guide helpful because all my patients loved this challenge and it was fun to see what worked for them. They had no idea.  If you take anything away from this challenge, remember that there are many foods you can probably eat.

The best way to get started is to start with tested food items, that way you can set yourself up for huge success. So, what do you say? Are you ready to give it a go?

Now that you know the ins and outs of the 3-Day Challenge, it’s time to grab your “Find Me the Surpisely Tasty Foods I Can Eat!” and see how easy it is to snack during the day without guilt. Grab your copy of the 3-Day Challenge

3-Day Challenge

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