Become the caregiver WHO HOLDS IT TOGETHER with ease. 

Are you overwhelmed with caregiving?

Live the life you love in 4 easy-to-follow areas.

Ultimate Healthcare for seniors

Is the healthcare system ignoring your loved one and driving you crazy?

Legal & Financial Rights

Worried about what they can afford and will there be any money left?

caregiving anxiety

Home living & safety successes

Find the peace of mind that comes from safe, active living. 

Strategies for mental decline

Feeling guilty because our loved one is failing and we can't stop it. 

Ideas, Inspiration, Education & Strategies

Build a Peaceful Relationship with Your AGING PARENT

A community of caregivers, both unpaid and professionals who share their experiences, backgrounds, trials & errors, love, laughter, and hope in order to help a fellow caregiver. 

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You, too, can have success and peace with your LOVED ONE

The Ultimate Caregiver's Guide


Peace of mind and the freedom to live the life you love. 


Confidence to know you're doing what's best for everyone.  


Protecting the aging from unnecessary disease and disability. 

caregiver burnout


Clarity to see tomorrow's hope.


Courage to take the next steps.


Prepared to make the important decisions. 

And, if you are worried about the health of your loved one, here's the

The Patient Best Medical History Book (for Seniors)

This Medical History Binder gives every caregiver permission to stop the worry and fear that decline is just around the corner. This binder demands better medical care, frees the caregiver from second-guessing if extra tests are necessary, medications are helping, and medical bills are correct.


The Most Powerful Tool in CAREGIVING

  • 1

    Get the Patient Best® Medical History Binder

  • 2

    Build Your Roadmap To Confidence

  • 3

    Enjoy your active carefree family & life once again

6 Rules of CAREGIVING Success

Get the behind-the-scenes strategies and secrets used by the world’s most successful caregivers and their healthcare professionals. These are powerful tactics that we have all used to help hundreds of patients and their adult children work together for a happier, peaceful enjoyable life together.

*We hate SPAM too and will not sell your email address. You are agreeing to receive messages from Patient Best®, LLC on improving your AGING PARENT’s life.


How this program changed my life...

I could not get a handle on what was wrong with my Dad. This program has changed my thinking and frustration. I have the confidence to move forward.


Rachel C.

This is not only a binder for my Mom but it holds her nursing home, her doctors, pharmacies and physical therapists accountable. They know I have her records, too.


Allen W.

I kept sacrificing my family for my aging parents. Thanks to Suzanne’s Binder and Bootcamp videos, everyone is now aligned with my needs. This Roadmap Formula really works.


Sarah H.

Creator of the Patient Best® Medical History Binder

Hi. I'm Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA

“I’ve taught thousands of patients and AGING PARENTS how to work together, not worry about each other, and enjoy the life they have.  Building memories of times spent talking, laughing and hugging one another.

…And now it’s your turn to get the peace-of-mind, free-of-worry life you know is out there.

Let’s find it for you. “

Meet Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C, BCPA, creator of the Patient Best® Medical History Binder -  a system used by thousands of patients and doctors for over 50 years to create highly advanced medical practices. Learn the baby steps to working with your aging parents.

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