How to Stay Motivated All Year Long…

Get yourself a partner who is…

A doctor who understands you…

A doctor who has your best interest at heart…

A doctor who is willing to grow old with you…


First of all, you have got to get all your medical records.

This is where Patient Best® comes in.

I built a medical records binder exclusively for my patients.

1) It has all the necessary papers and documents I need in order to care for you.

2) It covers medical billing errors as well and how to fight them.

3) It covers insurance denials and how wrong they can be.


First, I make no money or kickbacks from any doctors or this foundation…

But Google “Direct Primary Care” or go to DPC FOUNDATION to find a direct primary care doctor near you.

Set up an interview.

See how this doctor fits into your healthy lifestyle.

Ask about your current insurance.

Find out how your doctor works without your insurance and do you need catastrophic insurance.

Let me know if you have any questions…

P.S.  The Patient Best® Medical History Binder gives you exclusive secrets to finding and getting your medical records.

It is a huge step towards making this a great year to stay healthy every step of the way.

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