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Your doctor is most likely an employee of a Healthcare system.

We have already discussed that these doctors have given up their right to run their own practices.

The bean counters (administrators) tell these doctors and nurses that they have only 10 minutes with each of you. And your charts are always wrong or incomplete…your personal medical chart



These are physicians who have chosen to return to running their own practices.

They will refuse to take your insurance because they will not be told what’s good or bad for you.

They see you as a patient, not a statistic.

They will charge you a monthly fee. Most of them charge based on age – from $18/month to $125/month.

They take only 600 patients in their practice instead of 2000 which a Healthcare employer demands.

They will spend an hour with you.

They will get to know you.

Do not confuse them with…


They still take insurance.

They’re employed by a healthcare facility.

They are told how to run their practices.

You are paying them for the privilege to be seen quicker and your visits are 20 minutes instead of 10.

You are paying to be a “premiere” patient.

In the end, you are still managed by bean counters, although Concierge Doctors still want what’s best for you.

A DIRECT PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR usually has an open house so you can visit them and their offices.

See if they are a good fit for you.

They like you.  They partner with you.  They expect you to self-care.  They protect you from big business medicine. This is healthcare done right.

CONCIERGE DOCTORS cannot do this without express permission from the insurance companies and facilities who hire them.  

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