The Truth about Coronavirus


Many of you know that this virus has been in the news and making quite a splash…

The fact is that news writers are paid on commission…

Every time you click or turn on your TV or listen to the radio, the news station knows and counts this.

As the clicks come in, the newscaster or writer is paid based on the “clicks”.

This is why your headlines are always so “eye-catching”…

So let’s talk about the coronavirus and what is true from a medical point of view…

A novel coronavirus, designated 2019-nCoV, was identified as the cause of a cluster of pneumonia cases in Wuhan, a city in the Hubei Province of China, at the end of 2019.

Thousands of laboratory-confirmed cases in China have since been reported, and the case count has been rising daily; 

This virus is not the same as the SARS or MERS you have heard about in the past.

It is most likely a virus that came from bats.  The original infections came from an open market selling food and live animals to eat.

It is transmitted through the air from nasal drops, like sneezing and coughing.  It is also transmitted into the eyes so protective eye gear, as well as masks, are recommended.

Moreover, people without symptoms periodically carry coronaviruses.

So what makes this coronavirus so deadly?

It is often the patient with other illnesses or compromised in some other way, like COPD, or lung disease.

Remember, the flu is also a virus and attacks the lungs…

14 days – that’s how long before a person will get symptoms of the coronavirus.

Symptoms – Nearly all (98%) reported fever, 76% had a cough, and 44% had body aches and tiredness.

Shortness of breath developed in 55% after 8 days of illness.

In 20% of the patients, the lungs develop VIRAL pneumonia in both lungs BUT these patients have also had critical underlying medical diseases.

NOTE:  the pneumonia vaccinations do not protect against viral and fungal cases of pneumonia.

Patients tell me all the time “Oh, I can’t have pneumonia, I’ve had the shots.”  These “shots” cover only certain BACTERIA, not viruses or fungal or chemical pneumonias.

The estimated time for symptoms after exposure is 5 days. So incubation of 14 days ensures no spread.

If you haven’t been to China, you are in good shape.

Our CDC is one of the most exceptional branches of our government.  They know what they are doing and rest assured, they will not let this get out of control. 

Steroids do not work. We don’t use them to treat the flu either.

There is no medicine to fight this virus.

Coronavirus infections are less frequent than the flu, rhinovirus or RSV.

There is currently no treatment recommended for coronavirus infections except for supportive care as needed.

Preventive measures are the same as for rhinovirus infections, which consist of handwashing and the careful disposal of materials infected with nasal secretions.

Several antiseptic/disinfectant solutions used are NOT effective against coronaviruses.

Remember they are spread through the air, not from you touching the counter, couch, or your airplane seat.

As I have told you before, airplanes are the #1 reason people come into our clinic.  If you are flying, wear a mask if you want protection or do a Neil-Med Sinus rinse when you get home or back to your hotel on the same day you flew.

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*Information contained here is from UpToDate, February 2020, a physician’s resource and journal used by over 500,000 physicians.

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