When it’s Time to Take a Step Back

Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA / February 5, 2020

As we begin the new year with NEW aspirations…

We realized that before long, it is March…so where did January go?

Asa result, we wonder where the year went…

Where are all the things we were going to set forth?

Likewise, put action behind those items we wanted to get done?

Have I already let months slide by and…

forgot that time passes whether I get these things done or not?

So, why do we plan?

Why do we bother with new “intentions”?

The answer is simple…

It makes us feel good.

Everything in life we do is for one thing only…

We think it will make us feel good.

So how do we get there?

To the place that everything is in order…

Consequently, should an emergency arise, will we know where to turn and to whom to turn to?

Well, that’s not always easy to do.

Because the reality is that when life is moving fast, and it feels likes there is always one more thing that needs to be done

one more errand to run,

another meal to cook,

too many emails to read,

a phone call to make

– slowing down to reassess and regroup to get done the things

…furthermore, we promised ourselves we would do this year rapidly fades from the picture.

So, as Ruth Soukup says, “Step back to move forward. Keep the big picture in front of you.  Live the life you love.”

She is such an inspiration to me.

She is wise beyond her years. 

She is a guiding light to remind us all that our passions lie within us. 

We carry them every day.

They never leave us.

Just take a moment to look within yourself, breathe, and pull out the inspiration to start on those January 1 dreams. 

They are there waiting to be called up.

As a result, they slow your racing time…

Finally, they make a difference…

AND IT’ STILL ONLY …well…time will tell.

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Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA

I know exactly what it's like to feel like you just can't keep up. Working a full-time job, raising 3 children as a single mom, and taking care of her aging mother. But after feeling lost, overwhelmed, and guilty for spreading herself too thin, I saw all her patients and their caregivers going through the same thing. I learned how to put simple systems in place to keep my life free from distractions, find free time to do the things I wanted, and enjoy my family along the way. These simple step-by-step solutions have been shared with my patients, friends, and family. They too have found organization, confidence, peace, and freedom. Now we all live the life we love while caregiving! Come join us!

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