3 Reasons You Get Sick…


Here’s what we are seeing in

the clinic these days and most of us are

living in masks to prevent disease…

We call them the ABCs of our clinic….

A = Airplanes – Reason #1 

To protect yourself, turn off that nasty air duct over your head. 

The guy that sneezes in Row 36 just transferred his air droplets to you through the ductwork. 

Also, do sinus rinses after you get to your place for the evening.  This will clean out all the viruses and bacteria you

breathed in.

B = Babies and children – I know, right?  Reason #2

You want to see and hold your grandkids. 

You want to hug your relatives. 

Wear a mask when holding children and always wash your hands after touching babies and children. 

C = Cruises – Reason #3

These are best known for the flu virus AND OTHER VIRUSES even if you had the vaccination. 

Cruise ships take a relatively small space and put 2000 people in one area. 

Oh, I know, cruise ships are huge. 

But what part of the ship is actually dedicated to customers? 

A very small part and this is where you and

everyone else will cough and sneeze on one another.

Remember to wash your hands after touching anything and do rinses nightly to wash out your sinuses.  

D.  And here’s a BONUS – D is for dogs

Yep, dogs are notorious for stepping in front of you,

pulling you down,

wrapping a leash around your legs,

or jumping at another dog and …

spraining your shoulder joint.

Get the leashes that are most likely to stop the skin tears, falls, and sprains. 

OK, that’s it.  How easy is this!  

NO AIRPLANES, BABIES, OR CRUISES! (or wear the mask!)

About the Author

Do you feel frustrated with your medical care? Do doctors spend 5 minutes with you, push you out of the office, with you wondering what's going to happen? Does your insurance deny paying? You're not alone. I'm frustrated, too. This is a growing trend in healthcare. Having seen pre-insurance medicine (yes, my dad was an old country doctor), I grew up watching him spend time with his patients, giving them the best care he had to offer. I saw families trust him to help them through hospitalizations and the next crisis. As a patient advocate, my job is to see that you get the right diagnosis, the right treatment plans, and the right supplies and education to make good decisions about your health. More importantly, I will teach you the tricks of the healthcare trade. We need more healthcare consumer protection, especially for chronic illnesses like diabetes. This is what I am passionate about. I make it happen every day with thousands of patients who now know what I know about beating the healthcare system and getting the best patient care...Patient Best.

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