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Medicine is SO Frustrating…

I went in for my annual mammogram.  The radiology center now has this kiosk where you sign in.  So, I started signing in.  Five minutes into this procedure, it says, “Your copay is $224.00”.  And, of course, you can’t keep signing in unless you stick your credit card in the machine.  I’m frustrated because there…
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Feds Charge 412 Medical Professionals with Billing Fraud and Improper Opioid Prescribing

Today, I am reminded how important a Patient Best® Advocate is to the patient, their family and our healthcare system. Attorney General Jeff Sessions just announced 412 medical professionals caught with over billing and worse, feeding the opioid addiction which is already rampant in the USA today. Had the patient or the families hired a…
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The One Thing That Changed Everything

Medical record accuracy is a MUST in today’s healthcare system.  So many mistakes and inaccurate or incomplete information is contained within the pages of your medical chart.  This event brings home a close call.  Had the urgent care physician not continued to search for answers, this patient would had ended up in the emergency room…
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Tell Me Again Why I Have to Pay for My Own Set of Medical Records

In today’s business world, does everyone have to nickel and dime us?  I would certainly love to see patients be able to get their own set of medical records without paying a fee. Airlines charge extra for luggage and leg room.  Resorts charge extra for parking and a “resort fee” (whatever that is), and universities…
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