Are Weight Loss Drugs and Hormones for You?


Hormone Replacement therapy

I’m going to bring up a subject many folks are not going to like. Instant Weight loss so here goes…

I truly feel that Americans are making themselves sicker at a faster rate than ever before. And do this because they don’t feel loved.

We have t
ransformed from the pre-electronic “work” age to the “get-it-instantly” era.

And this addiction is running rampant.

I see two of the newest rages in the works.

The first one is drug shots to lose weight.

These are real drugs that are used for chronic diseases but because their side effect is losing weight, they are getting prescribed for that.

For example, the newest drug is called Mounjaro™. 

It is used to lower the A1c in diabetics.

It did NOT get FDA approval for weight loss.

However, folks who take this can lose up to 22% of their weight.

Mounjaro™ is a once-weekly injectable medication that helps regulate blood sugar levels.

Mounjaro™ is meant to be used alongside lifestyle changes, i.e. changes to food, sleep, and exercise. It is expected that the drug will work best when accompanied by coaching and support from trained professionals, so says the manufacturer’s pamphlet.

When I heard that one of my friends got it from her doctor so “she could lose a few pounds” I was heartbroken.  

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Because you can never go off it.  Obesity is a chronic disease.  So once off this drug, your set point to maintain your weight goes right back up and you find yourself eating snacks, craving sweets, and gaining weight.

Back in the early 80s, I came across a book called Diets Don’t Work.
The author interviewed 25,000 thin people and found four habits they all had in common.

These habits were not found in overweight people. Hmmm.

I looked up the book recently on Amazon to see if it was still available and not only has the author, Bob, written his third edition but he has sold over 600,000 copies.

Good job.  There are people who want to change their lifestyles for the better and want to do it more naturally.

And then of course, there are those who want to stick a needle full of Mounjaro in their bellies every week for the rest of their lives.

I ask you, who is better off?

The second trend I see is that hundreds of “Youth” offices are popping up like crocuses in springtime.

With little online training, they work on their own.

It’s what their promoting that gives me pause.

“Here’s a little estrogen and testosterone in order to have energy, sex, youth, and happiness again.”

Does anyone remember WHY we stopped giving postmenopausal woman estrogen in the 70s?

According to the National Institutes of Health, “A sharp decline in the use of estrogen therapy occurred in the 1970s when reports of a 4–14 times increased risk of endometrial cancers was linked to estrogen therapy. As a result, the FDA required a warning on all estrogen products that indicated a risk for blood clots and cancer.”

Yep, that’s right!  Cancer, and plenty of hysterectomies because of bleeding and fibroids.

And these offices are not targeting postmenopausal women but men and women in their 40s, and 50s! Yikes! Time will tell.

The old adage, “You play, you pay” could not be truer.
And their out-of-pocket charges are not cheap.
They are promised that hormone enhancement is safe.

For women, hormone therapy is playing with cancer and for men who are prone to prostate cancer or have it, testosterone can make some cancer cells grow.

Personally, I recommend an MD specialist who understands the pros and cons of hormones in detail.

Here’s another way to accept the natural aging process

Don’t get me wrong, I know everybody wants to stay young but that’s not in the works.

Shouldn’t we be focusing more on the relationships we have with those we love and the relationship we have with ourselves called self-love?

I’ll never forget what my 24-year-old friend from Denmark told me years ago.

He said, “I don’t understand Americans.  I would much rather date a woman with no makeup, only natural beauty.  And many of us Europeans understand that natural beauty builds relationships that last.”

Hmmm.  What a thought…our natural beauty shines when we accept ourselves for who we are.   Happy Valentine’s Day! ❤

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