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Hi Everyone, 

Many of you know I still work in the urgent care clinics.

I am now connected directly to the CDC and the Florida Department of Health for the latest on the COVID-19.

So we are having podcasts at least twice a week because the information is constantly changing and updated to learn more about this virus.

Here are the criteria from YESTERDAY we providers must know AND use to judge whether you should be tested or not. 

We cannot order a test if you do not meet these criteria…

because we will run the risk of running out of materials and healthcare workers.

More importantly though…

You may end up showing a negative result when we should have been waiting for any one of these criteria to occur. 

This leads to a false sense of health…and then... 

You don’t seek medical attention or protect your loved ones and now we are ALL in trouble.

So please follow these criteria.

When people start demanding to be tested (and we have had a few yesterday)…

 the system fails and the population gets worse, not better.

I have another call today from the CDC and another from the place I work.

Then tomorrow I have another interactive podcast from the FL Dept of Health.  If anything is new, I’ll let you know…

By the way, every state is running their own protocols based on information from the CDC…so this means that if your extended family lives in another state they may be getting different criteria based on the number of outbreaks in their state and the environment (For example, Washington State versus Florida, New York City vs upstate NY)

P.S. I see the news is saying to stay 3 feet away.  This is called “social distancing” but the CDC is still saying 6 feet away is the GOLD standard. 

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