5 Minutes a day to Younger-Looking Skin

Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA / November 18, 2022

younger-looking skin

Want younger-looking skin, like her?


Do you want to look 20 years younger?

Are you or your loved one itching like crazy?

Are you tired of dull hair, skin, and nails?


So I had this couple come in one day to my clinic.

He was there for a problem and she, being his wife just tagged along.

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My Shock!


When I walked into the room, I expected to see a fifty-three-year-old man.

Instead, I saw a couple in their thirties.

I rechecked his medical chart.

My eyes were not deceiving me!

So before we could even get into why he was there, I asked them both how they looked so young.


Here’s the secret!

They both laughed and said, Shea Butter.

So then I had to look it up.

His wife took my phone and showed me the one to order.

I ordered it.

Butter for younger-looking skin?


And I got to tell you this is an amazing product.

I use it every night before bedtime.

It’s part of my ritual.

Younger-looking skin stops itching!


But I also use it during the day if I start itching.

(That’s rare now because I use the butter every night).

So whether your senior is itching.

And yes, I used to have dull hair but now it’s back to shining even in hard Florida water!

And I don’t itch anymore.

Be Careful.


There’s a lot of shea butter and honey butter out there on the market.

But this couple was proof that this is the only one that truly works.

This shea butter is absorbed quickly so after a few minutes you know it’s working in your skin and not on greasing your hands.

It has no perfume in it so you can put it on your face, and not smell like a brothel.

And who wants to breathe in cancer-producing perfumes when they are trying to sleep?


It’s all natural so you know there are no by-products, also known as “glue” in it.

And because it’s all-natural, you’re not getting “glue “absorbed into your liver.


You put it on yourself or your loved one every evening for a week and you will be shocked.

You will wonder how you lived without it.


Oh, and here’s something else, you might consider…


As we age we tend to get bumps, warts, and all sorts of growth on our skin.

Want to stop that nonsense right now?

Then moisturize every night.

You can’t drink enough water to moisturize your skin, so add shea butter to your bedtime or morning routines.

Click here.



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