Telemedicine Guide


When your spouse or parent WON’T go to the doctor…

Want to know something I really, really hate? It’s watching people make mistakes that I know are easily avoidable (usually because I’ve already made them!) I just want to yell “STOP! Don’t you know there’s a better way?!!!” It’s almost like trying to get your senior to stop climbing on ladders and falling.
And that’s why I decided to finally get it all off my chest and put together my GUIDE…
“The Telemedicine Guide for Caregivers”.
It’s classic for caregivers to want to give their loved one the best medical care, but the person won’t go. They don’t want to be a burden, get another pill or talk to a doctor who doesn’t listen. Now its your turn to show how flexible you are – TELEMEDICINE. Its easy, doable, and just the thing you need to get your loved one seen without leaving the home.

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Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA

I know exactly what it's like to feel like you just can't keep up. Working a full-time job, raising 3 children as a single mom, and taking care of her aging mother. But after feeling lost, overwhelmed, and guilty for spreading herself too thin, I saw all her patients and their caregivers going through the same thing. I learned how to put simple systems in place to keep my life free from distractions, find free time to do the things I wanted, and enjoy my family along the way. These simple step-by-step solutions have been shared with my patients, friends, and family. They too have found organization, confidence, peace, and freedom. Now we all live the life we love while caregiving! Come join us!

Hi I'm Suzanne

And my mission is to find you practical easy-to-follow solutions for everyday caregiving. Find out more HERE.

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