[COVID-19] Should Seniors travel these holidays?

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With holidays fast approaching many caregivers are asking themselves if they should be getting together with family for the holidays.

I had the same question.

But this summer I have traveled to Phoenix, Nashville, Lexington, KY, and several trips to Orlando.

I was concerned about traveling as I am 66 years-old and considered “at risk”.

However I found all the trips to be extremely delightful and safe.


First off, the airports are basically empty. I easily moved through Atlanta airport staying 6 feet away from other travelers. 90% of the travelers had masks on.

All the employees had masks on.

There were no carts carrying elder people, blowing their horns and crashing through walls of folks.

The only time I had to take off my mask was to show my license at the security gate. The inspector had me hold up my ID and place my own iPhone on the scanner.  No one was touching anything…


When my daughter and I arrived in Phoenix , the rental car was contact free. The doors were open the car had been aired out, cleaned out, and no one touched any parts of the car.

All employees had gloves and a mask on. Now it helps to travel with an “under 30-year-old child”.  I have to admit, Sarah knows how to do everything online.  So while other folks were waiting in line at the rental car counter (6 feet apart), Sarah told me we had bypassed the line with her knowledge of “online check-in” and could go straight to the car. Woo-hoo!


Flying was a big concern for me because I know that airplanes are the #1 reason why patients come into the clinic. Airplanes are notoriously known for their respiratory infections, especially during flu season.

They not only required us to all wear our masks, but they definitely kept the seats in the middle empty. They loaded the plane from the back FIRST so that the first class folks didn’t have to wait for a line of people get their seats. Delta plans to keep the middle seats open right through the holidays!

There was plenty of luggage room above the seats.

They ran the filters which screen microns catching bacteria AND viruses.

And it gets better …

Upon stepping into the plane , the flight attendant handed me a PURELL© packet, a product of GOJO Industries, which I used to clean down the seat buckles, tray tables, window shades, armrest, etc.

I will mention that these things had already been wiped clean by the staff, and the plane fogged before we got on. I know this because when I put the tray table down it was still wet from where it had been wiped down.

The snacks consisted of the flight attendant (with gloves on) handing us each a plastic zipped baggie with one bottle of water, 2 snacks, a napkin, and another Purell packet to wash up with.

Upon leaving the plane, everybody waited until their turn and nobody seemed in a rush to get anywhere. The plane started on time and landed on time.


The resort we stayed in was just as good an experience as the flight and the rental car.

The hotel did not have daily maintenance housekeeping services. If you needed anything you could call the front desk. All credit card machines were on the desk, so you inserted your own credit card.  Personnel wore gloves and masks behind a plastic barrier.  

The pool at these resorts are usually overcrowded but this was not the case. They gave us each a band to wear on our wrist. Ours was purple and we were given a designated time each day that we could go down to the pool for three hours. Sometimes it was in the morning, sometimes the afternoon, or sometimes the early evening which left the pool basically empty.

Some guests snuck in at their restricted times, but it wasn’t crowded so no one really cared.

Chairs were spread out every six feet with two chairs together. All personnel wore masks and gloves when giving us 2 towels each.

When we got up they washed down the chairs completely.

I felt perfectly safe.

So if traveling is a concern of yours this summer , especially for your spouse or parent, I would encourage you to do your homework and consider traveling.

Personally I love the idea of not having such a crowded airport , waiting in line for an hour to get a rental car when it now takes 5 minutes, and hanging out at a pool where there is only six people swimming.

If you are going to see family and friends, I would encourage face masks, no hugging, and see my guide on 0% INFECTION RATE for more tips on dealing with people and this COVID-19 thing.


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