Medicine is SO Frustrating…

I went in for my annual mammogram.  The radiology center now has this kiosk where you sign in.  So, I started signing in.  Five minutes into this procedure, it says, “Your copay is $224.00”.  And, of course, you can’t keep signing in unless you stick your credit card in the machine.  I’m frustrated because there is no description of service, no reason given why my copay is $224.00.  So, I stopped, signed out and went to the front desk.

I said to the receptionist, “I can’t sign in because it wants $224.00 and does not tell me why. And the last time I paid a copay it took 13 months for me to get a refund so unless I have a description, I’m not just going to pay.”  She says, “Oh, I’ll sign you in.  Just pay like $25 or $50 and then after insurance pays, you can see what you actually owe and pay the rest later.”

Grrr.  The kiosk didn’t give me that option. How frustrating…

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