Feds Charge 412 Medical Professionals with Billing Fraud and Improper Opioid Prescribing


Today, I am reminded how important a Patient Best® Advocate is to the patient, their family and our healthcare system.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions just announced 412 medical professionals caught with over billing and worse, feeding the opioid addiction which is already rampant in the USA today.

Had the patient or the families hired a Patient Best® Advocate to review the office visit, medical bills and questioned such practices, many would have been spared such devastation.

Not only will the medical professionals most likely lose their very precious medical licenses but the patients who, now addicted to opioids must search desperately for a new opioid source instead of getting the help, choice and support they truly need.

The Patient Best® Advocate is not hired by the client or their family to be a physician watchdog.  The Advocate’s focus is strictly on better and safe medicine for her client.  She oversees the whole medical interaction from the first phone call to set up the doctor’s appointment to the final bill which finally arrives.  She will reconcile all bills with the office visit to assure complete and accurate care is given.  She will account for all medicines and be sure the patient has the appropriate services in place so medications are taken properly.

Patient Best® Advocates have also been known to contact health insurance companies when medical billing is wrong.  Their focus is always on best medicine, best access, and best care for the patient.

Patient Best® is an educational advocacy service.  It gives every patient a chance to build their own complete set of medical records as well as learn how to be their own advocate.  It also provides a professionally trained Patient Best® advocate to those who cannot advocate for themselves or their loved ones, especially in the time of need.

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C blogs for Patient Best®, LLC

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