How to share Valentine’s Day with them (even if they don’t know there is such a day!)


A caregiver friend of mine is taking a hot Valentine’s meal to her dad who lives in a nursing community. She stayed home yesterday with family and today celebrating with Dad. She feels he would not have known today is Valentine’s Day because she plans on joining him. She called the community first to give them a heads-up what time she will be over and if they could possibly have an area with a table available in a private setting. The community gladly gave her and dad a table in a corner of a small public room that is not utilized a lot.  

She is arriving early and setting the table with cloth table linens and china, along with a bottle of sparkling cider, fancy glasses, and silverware.  She packed the food in individual containers, to make it easy to serve, and transporting it in an insulated “hot” bag. The staff will bring dad over as a surprise at 3 pm. She will be waiting at the table which will be set along with LED candles and his favorite singer, Dean Martin, playing from her cell phone.

I just wanted to share this with you in case you wanted to be inspired to try something like this either today or tomorrow for your loved one who may be in nursing care or rehab.  This can also be done if they cannot leave their bed. In this case, you would use the bed tray. But, make sure you make a plate for yourself. The idea is to SHARE and be a part of this moment.

Lastly, take a selfie, send it to others, and enjoy your time together.

Happy Valentine’s Day!! and shouldn’t every day come with love? Why wait for the next holiday? Make a special moment become a habit. Enjoy the sparkle in their eyes. And don’t forget to uplift the employees at the facility who care so much for your loved ones. Have them take the pictures…and surprise them with little chocolates!

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