Bad decisions in caregiving?


David and Lenore put their parents in an assisted living home during the Covid pandemic.

At Caregiver Haven™ we strongly suggested that this is not done because we know that any closed community of seniors is a dangerous place to be during this pandemic.

However, David and Lenore could no longer help their parents out and they certainly couldn’t come and live with them as they were thousands of miles away.

So they found a lovely place to put mom and dad.

Because the socialization in this community was restricted they didn’t meet new friends.

Then COVID-19 raced through the community and everybody had to go to absolutely lockdown.

Their mother got Covid and ended up in the hospital for two weeks.

Their father was confused and could not understand why he couldn’t leave the facility or even their living quarters and go and see his wife.

And he would forget where she was.

Lenore and David had no way of contacting them or even visiting them outside of phone calls every day.

And worse was the fact that nobody could even visit their mother in the hospital.

There was nothing they could do.

They were at the beck and call of the hospital staff and the community staff to manage the very people they loved so much and promised to take care of.

We helped David and Lenore through this difficult situation and how they could manage the care process for her mother and her father in two different locations. Everything worked out well, but it did require extra people to be in place to help with the knowledge and expertise to get her mother safely back home again and her father the correct care while he was alone.

The good news is David and Lenore had a positive experience despite their decision.

If you want to face your caregiving experiences with strength and peace-of-mind, then join Caregiver Haven™ Community today.

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