A step-by-step guide to avoiding overwhelment…

One of the biggest jobs in caregiving leads to one of the most depressing moments in our life …loneliness and overwhelment (new word!).

We feel we have to do it all.

We feel no one understands us.

We feel that if only people knew…

Our siblings won’t help us and they don’t get it.

Caregiving is a full-blown operation.  Medicine, law, insurance, business pale compared to the team a caregiver must get in place.

The good news is…you only have to do this once…

We have got to put some things in place so if we need them, we will know where to go, what to do and most importantly, what to ask.

So here’s your list…

1 Primary care physician who totally supports you for taking care of your mom or dad. 1
2 Urgent care with weekend hours and will they accept mom or dad’s insurance1
3 Telemedicine company who accept mom or dad’s insurance, preferably one that’s open 24/71
4 House Calls – MD or NP who comes out to the house1
5 Closest emergency room (telephone and address in phone)1
6 Local pharmacies because one may be out of stock or closed2
7 Friends who will listen to you when do you need to vent3-4
8 Patient advocate who you can call when mom or dad are in the hospital and nobody’s listening to you1
9 Attorney – preferably the same one your mom and dad use who can help you because they know you1
10  Insurance broker who can make sure your folks have the best insurance at the right cost and going to the right pharmacies2
11 Financial advisor – Preferably the same one your mom and dad use so they know your family situation.1
12 Non- medical home health agency when you need to get away2-4
13 Nursing agencies your insurance will cover2-3
14 Physical Therapy companies who come to the home2
15 Support groups and organizations to call 3-4
16 Family counselor for you and maybe even for your loved one1

Why do I need so many people?…

Well, here’s what you should never expect in your caregiving journey….

  1.  Your spouse will understand
  2.  Your siblings will come to your rescue
  3.  Your children will understand when you miss the grandkids or holidays
  4. Your presence at family reunions, weddings, funerals, graduations, and vacations will continue
  5. That Mom and Dad will get better
  6. That your siblings will help you clean out the house after your loved one has passed…so that leaves you…

You are charting unknown waters here but not unknown to the rest of us….

Every caregiver has a different set of experiences, however, all of us have one thing in common… we wish we knew what we know now.

Start lining up your team. They are a HUGE support and will back you when the time is needed because they know you, built friendships with you, and trust you.

There are people waiting to help bring you out from under the depth of despair you feel…they are there for you, not your loved one…

You are never alone. No one said you had to be

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