The Secret to Standing Out…

Besides you, your favorite doctor cares about time

Understand that your doctor has a certain amount of time to spend with you, even if they run late they still only have about 10 minutes to spend with you.

This is not the choice of your doctor.

If you happen to go to a favorite doctor who is hired by a healthcare system their administrators, (we call them bean counters) have a measuring tool on your chart that tells them exactly how many minutes your doctor spent with you.

Your doctor is being timed by the administrators…

3 EASY STEPS to stay on time…

1) ask at the receptionist how long your appointment is for.

2) Tell your doctor you wish to stay within your allotted time.

3) Be prepared to answer questions.

But for now, the biggest thing you can do for your doctor is giving them…

a 2-minute reason why you are there.

2 minutes for them to ask you questions and you must know the answers…

1 minute for your doctor to examine you…

1 minute to discuss the diagnosis…

2 minutes to give you the treatment plan…

Then 2 minutes for them to chart and this is…

A 10-minute visit…

Your doctor has to work fast or will be reprimanded by the administrators. 

However, once your doctor sees that you have all the answers…

and that you care about your own health, they will take more time with you. 


I had one patient who came in with all her records. 

She answered all my questions because she knew what I was going to ask. 

At the end of 10 minutes, SHE pushed ME out the door.

If you are tired of getting pushed out of the door, you CAN get a longer appointment.

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