Tell Me Again Why I Have to Pay for My Own Set of Medical Records


In today’s business world, does everyone have to nickel and dime us?  I would certainly love to see patients be able to get their own set of medical records without paying a fee.

Airlines charge extra for luggage and leg room.  Resorts charge extra for parking and a “resort fee” (whatever that is), and universities charge you extra for your own set of transcripts.

But isn’t this different because it can be a matter of life or death?  Why do healthcare businesses have to charge a “processing” (aka medical records) fee in the first place?  Don’t we pay enough for that airline seat, vacation, college and now healthcare?

According to the Forbes article dated February 9, 2017 “Are You Paying Too Much For Your Medical Records?” the author asks a very good question: How can access to your own medical records be “easy” when you have to pay hundreds of dollars (money you don’t have) for them?

Portals are not the answer either.  In the same article, the author quotes cardiologist, Dr. Krumholz and his co-authors, “Patient portals can render less information than a full medical record, often missing clinical notes and images,” among other things…”

Providers deal with fragmented medical records every day. Perhaps this is another reason medical mistakes kill thousands of patients every year. Patient Best® can attest to this.  Patients who own their own complete Patient Best® Medical History Book have more clarity, transparency, and discussion with their personal physician than those who do not.

Some healthcare facilities will not charge you if you request your records be sent to your attorney or another doctor not listed in their system.  Perhaps these folks will get them and give you a copy of your records for free.

Or better yet, why don’t health insurance companies pay this fee? After all, owning your own Patient Best® Medical History Book means safe, accurate care, and better outcomes at less redundant costs.

Suzanne Fiscella, PA-C writes for

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