Record High Put off Medical Care Due to Cost


record high medical cost in time and money

According to a poll over 1/3 of us are neglecting medical treatment because of the high medical cost and time.

This is causing fewer and fewer of us to seek the medical attention we need.

In fact, 12% more of us are putting off care than we did in 2021.


So what does this truly mean?


Well, it’s quite confusing since everyone wants access to care and yet, time and expense are getting worse.

    • Is the expense in the doctor’s office?
    • Is it in the lab tests and procedures used to evaluate the sugars in your blood?
    • Is it that your premiums are going up and you’re choosing not to carry insurance anymore?
    • Are the medications so outrageously expensive you have to choose between eating or taking your medications?
    • Perhaps you fear the hidden medical costs that nobody can tell you until the bill arrives in your mail and you are stuck with it.
    • Perhaps you’re too tired to call your insurance company and wait online to finally figure out they cannot tell you until the procedures have already been done and the codes have been given to them by the doctor.
    • Maybe time puts it off.  An appointment to see your doctor is 4 months away.


Well it’s all of the above

As a result, you can’t just go to an appointment.  You have to download the paperwork they will send you.

You have to read between the lines, fill out 10 pages of stuff they already know, scan it back in, and send it to them.

Then you wait for them to call you and when you finally show up for the appointment, they tell you that you’ll need to return for another visit.


Let’s look at the SIX Appointments you need in this example and the medical cost you suffer


A sleep apnea test should be incredibly easy.

You should go to a sleep lab and be evaluated.

Nowadays, you go see your primary care physician (Appointment #1) who sends you to a specialist.

You chit-chat for 10 minutes with the specialist (Appointment #2).

You now have to come back and watch a video on how to hook up your equipment.  You pick up the equipment (Appointment #3)

You learn that you need to bring the equipment back in to be sure it can be read by the doctor (Appointment #4)

You are told to come back for a follow-up appointment so the specialist can tell you if you have sleep apnea. (Appointment #5)

You are now told you do have sleep apnea and need a face-fitting mask so come back again. (Appointment #6)


From start to finish:  Primary Care Physician to fitting? 4 months, 17 days, 16 hours, and 6 appointments!


Now let’s look at what a better world of Medicine would look like!


You see your primary care physician.

He/she picks up the phone and calls the specialist.

Tells the specialist you are coming right over.

Your sleep test is set up for that night.

The results are given to you in the morning.

The face-fitting mask event takes place in a room next to the sleep lab.

From start to finish: Primary Care Physician to fitting? 24 hours and 1 appointment!


Well, this is truly how we used to do it. And you can still get it done this way but you have to know the right questions to ask.

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