Home health agency employees? Are they really safe to be around your elder Mom or Dad?

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Home Health agencies send their employees into one house after another.  Sometimes they will cover 3 homes in a day, giving care, getting close, touching the very clients they are supposed to stay away from.

I, too, have to touch my patients.  So, how do I keep myself safe and above all keep my patients safe from one exam room to the next?

I reached out to my friend Christina Falke, (cfalke@HBMhomecare.com) who runs the Heart, Body & Mind Home Care office here in Southwest Florida.

I wanted to see if the very strictest protocols we use in our clinics were being used elsewhere.  As a physician assistant, my oath and the oath of every provider is “Do no harm.”

Christina has always been on the cutting edge of ideas. So, I wanted to see if her agency had the high standards we had to have in our clinics…

I was blown away…

Here’s are the guidelines Heart, Mind & Body Home Care put in place immediately to protect their clients….

But the Heart, Body & Mind Home Care employee isn’t through yet…  there’s more…

Now, let’s talk about the protective equipment we must use to protect not only you but everyone in your home and the employee as well. 

This is a lot of protection…for the patients we see in the hospital who have tested positive for the COVID-19 virus, we add 2 more protections…

  • Gowns
  • Eye protection (plastic glasses worn over regular glasses and eyes)

I gotta tell you, this agency rivaled our own medical practices.

As we begin to open our homes, see family, eat together, let’s continue to keep the COVID-19 out of our homes,

Here’s a protocol all of us on the front lines use when we have visitors in our own homes…

Click below for a copy of my “HOW TO CLEAN A VISITOR: STEP BY STEP GUIDE TO KEEPING YOU CORONAVIRUS-FREE IN YOUR HOME”, and I’ll send it to your email…

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