Ever lose someone and then wonder what their lives were like?

Suzanne FiscelIa, PA-C, BCPA / November 11, 2020

Wish you could have asked them questions about their life?
Well, start now with those around you.
Ask them about their childhood, favorite songs.
First love. First breakup. What they would do differently.
The most important lesson ever learned.
What kind of relationship they had with their parents?

So many questions we miss about our loved ones.

I remember asking my Dad once what he heard when he put the stethoscope on a patient’s heart.
He was an old country doctor, and I was only about 8-years-old at the time.
He looked at me and smiled.
He said, “Every time I listen to a patient’s heart, I hear their life, their dreams, their hopes, their fears, and their loves.”
For the longest time, I thought that was the coolest thing – that my Dad could hear a person’s life through his stethoscope.

Now that I am a Physician Assistant, I know EXACTLY what he was talking about.
Yes, I hear the beating of a heart, but I hear so much more.
Theirs is a unique life of love, hopes, dreams, and fears.
It is my job to make their life a little better.
It is my job to bring hope to them and their family.
It is my job to worry about them while they get on with living.
It is my job to see that those who care for them are also living their lives.

So Why Am I Telling You This?

Because I want you, too, to know their lives, their hopes,their dreams and how they lived.

I want you to pass this on to your children and their families.

My sister’s wisdom…

Years ago, my sister started giving my Mom for Christmas the coolest gift.
It was a daily journal with 365 questions. One question per day. She would write the question on the top part of every page.
My Mom filled it out over the year and then the next Christmas,
She gave it back to my sister all filled out.
(Well, almost all filled out. There were questions in there she would say, “We will not discuss those.”)
Of course, that made all us 6 kids even more curious, but she would not budge.
Anyway, I have taken these journals and repeated these 365 questions for you to give your loved one as a gift.
Just let me know if you want me to send you a note when it comes out.
It should be out soon. I think it will make a great gift at any time of the year.
Click here to get on the list to get a copy when it comes out.

Sign up for it here: 365 JOURNAL OF MEMORIES OF A LIFETIME.

I’ll send you an email when it comes out…

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