Diabetes: Cured or Managed – How to Know the Difference


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What is the difference between curing or managing any disease?


Some people will say that we can reverse diabetes.
But it can’t be cured, and the question is why not?


OK let’s go back to basics.


(Pssst. You learned this in eighth-grade science.)

The body is made up of organs and cells.
This is important to you because the organs and cells have a certain function and they must have the ability to perform this function in order for your body to work right.

OK let’s look at the pancreas.
When the pancreas decides not to work anymore, it can’t spit out its insulin, that’s a loss of function, right?

The cells need this insulin in order to bring in their food supply so they can grow, build, and repair themselves.


This means they will do their job properly.


Choo-Choo insulin train


I want you to think of your insulin as the choo-choo train that carries the food (called sugar) into the cell.

If the cell is bombarded with too much insulin (choo-choo trains), it will get overwhelmed (traffic jams) and no longer function.

Think of your child who wants to ring the doorbell every time you go in and out of the house.
They ring it constantly.

Ring, ring, ring
Ring, ring, ring.

And you tell them to stop and eventually the doorbell is no longer going to work.

The doorbell is overwhelmed and has lost its connection.

So is with a type 2 diabetic (insulin resistance).

We do the exact same thing to our cells when we overwhelm them with too much sugar.

Think of the teenager you tell to take out the trash. You tell them once, you tell them twice, you tell them three times. Whatever you are doing is no longer working and they ignore you.

The point is your cells can no longer respond to the insulin which means they can’t get the food so they can’t grow and repair and work properly.


Now let’s look at being cured


Let’s take the common cold.

Does this change the structure of the nostrils, the throat, the lungs?

No. They only become inflamed, but they will repair themselves and get back to normal.

There is no permanent change of function or structure in your nose, throat, or lungs.


So yes, if the structure or ability to their function has not been changed, then we can cure the disease.


Do we cure or manage cancer?


Another example is cancer. Can we cure it?
In most cases, yes.



Because the cancer does not change the structure of the organ or cells it is attacking.

What it does is just grows and pushes them out of the way.

So if we remove the cancer, we still have healthy tissue to keep us going. If the cancer has been dominating the organs for too long, then they will fail to revive themselves.

We see a perfect example of this in breast cancer.

If it doesn’t overwhelm the complete whole body we can cut it out, radiate it, or chemo it out, keeping the healthy tissue to resume normal activities.


This is not the case with chronic diseases


And diabetes is a chronic disease.

What this means is that with any chronic disease, your tissues, organs, or cells in your body have changed their ability to function properly.


For example. High blood pressure.


We see in this case that it’s either:

  • the heart is pumping too hard,  causing high blood pressure,
  • or the blood vessels are getting narrow due to plaque build-up in the arteries causing your high blood pressure,
  • or the kidneys which also regulate blood pressure are failing to do their jobs.

This is a loss of function.

We manage it. We don’t cure it.


Let’s take aging.


Is this a chronic disease?

Well, aging changes the function or the ability of the cells and organs to do their job.

Can aging be cured? No!

Now you know why.


Your diabetes.


We manage diabetes by keeping our sugars under control, right?


If we have an infection like covid, flu, or the common cold, we want to get over it as fast as possible.



Infection causes your sugars to rise.

This overwhelms your cells and affects their ability to hear that doorbell ring that I talked about above.


This is why I wrote the book, Quick and Easy Flu/Covid Recovery Guide for you.


What you want to understand is that you don’t want your organs to be overwhelmed with sugar any longer than they have to be.


[When I taught high school, I would tell my students’ parents that the reason I could manage their children is that I saw myself as the pressure release valve, not the pressure cooker.]


You want to do the same with your diabetes, high blood pressure, or any other infection or disease.


Be the pressure release valve.


Treat your body with kid gloves. Don’t put demands on it that it cannot handle.

It will react like a frustrated child.


Go ahead and grab a copy of my Quick and Easy Flu/Covid Recovery Guide.


We want to recover sooner, than later from infection.

We don’t want to overwhelm your cells with sugar.

Let me know if you have any questions.


P.S. Now you know what I know.  So here’s a quick quiz…when COVID attacks the smell cells in the nose, causing permanent loss of smell.  Can that be cured?

The answer: No, COVID changed the function of the smell cells.  We have not figured out how to manage this yet.   We hope that with a quick recovery, tissue damage will not be done.


P.P.S. Interesting fact: What are Kid Gloves?  In the old days, gloves were made out of leather that came from a kid.  A kid is a baby goat. Ugh!

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