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3 Reasons You Get Sick…

Here’s what we are seeing in the clinic these days and most of us are living in masks to prevent disease… We call them the ABCs of our clinic…. A = Airplanes – Reason #1  To protect yourself, turn off that nasty air duct over your head.  The guy that sneezes in Row 36 just transferred…
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The Truth about Coronavirus

Many of you know that this virus has been in the news and making quite a splash… The fact is that news writers are paid on commission… Every time you click or turn on your TV or listen to the radio, the news station knows and counts this. As the clicks come in, the newscaster…
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How Do You Trust Your Doctor to do What’s Right?

In the old days, doctors knew their patients and their lives. They knew the family, they knew the family’s medical history, they went to the weddings, funerals, graduations, christenings, bar mitzvahs. The doctor was always invited to these events and they knew how much their patients ate, drank and smoked.  Most of them even delivered…
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Miscommunication: A Simple Explanation, a Not-So-Simple Solution

The patient came in to the clinic with a very definite purpose in mind about what he needed done. He had hearing loss and needed the wax cleaned out of both ears as he knew he had wax buildup. Because this patient has suffered from this before, he knew there was only one way to…
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