Tired of Being Pushed Out? 3 tips…

TIRED OF BEING PUSHED OUT? 3 tips… Since most of us providers have only 10 minutes to spend with you…here’s what we suggest…. 1) When you call for an appointment, ask the call center to give you a 20-minute appointment. 2) Go for either the first appointment of the day or the first appointment in…
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What Sets You Apart?

Happy New Year! Sometimes, there comes a point in our lives when we need to make a change. It might be drastic. Or it might be as small as buckling our seatbelt before the car’s reminder bell goes off.  Either way, this change is part of your story, and part of what sets you apart…
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The Secret to Standing Out…

Besides you, your favorite doctor cares about time… Understand that your doctor has a certain amount of time to spend with you, even if they run late they still only have about 10 minutes to spend with you. This is not the choice of your doctor. If you happen to go to a favorite doctor…
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Healthcare vs Medical Care:
Knowing the Difference is Powerful

We hear a lot in the news about Healthcare. When I hear the news say Health Care for everyone I cringe because we really don’t want Healthcare, we want Medical Care. Let’s look at the differences between the two. Medical Care has never been better. Medical Care brings us new procedures, new remedies, new medications,…
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I’ll put my cell phone away when you put your computer away.

“I’ll put my cell phone away when you put your computer away,” said the patient. These were the very words I heard upon opening the door and stepping into the exam room. As I stood waiting for him to look up, I was already looking at my computer for his name. Needless to say, I…
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5 Reasons Why Collecting Your Medical History Is So Important

Did you know that there’s an easy way to improve the healthcare you receive? According to the AARP, tracking and keeping your medical information in one place is that way. If you know your own history, you can be you can be your own best advocate. It also works as a great tool if you take care…
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