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How to Stay Motivated All Year Long…

Get yourself a partner who is… A doctor who understands you… A doctor who has your best interest at heart… A doctor who is willing to grow old with you… Get a DIRECT PRIMARY CARE DOCTOR First of all, you have got to get all your medical records. This is where Patient Best® comes in.…
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Doctors Truly Care

I have clients who like to have me go with them to their doctor’s office. I was a little surprised when this client asked me to accompany her because she likes her doctor and has an easy time talking to him. She says he listens to her concerns. See, I am a patient advocate. I…
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Advocates: Guiding the way in the Medical Industry

Whether you want to be your own advocate, hire an advocate or become a professional advocate for others, one thing is certain – you can never be too careful when it comes to your healthcare. We’ve all seen the books for better health, fitness, diet and exercise but this is not that. This is different. …
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Welcome to Patient Best®

No one ever said. “I regret taking care of my loved ones.” Yet, many have said, “I wish I knew what I know now.”


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